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Why, in an increasingly digital world, will trade shows not die?

The most current function of trade fairs it is much more than presenting a range of competing products or offering the possibility of placing orders. The innovation experience, i.e. the opportunity to evaluate the innovativeness of suppliers and to obtain an immersion in the future, is in fact...


How to make the exhibition more “digital”

Digital transformation is in everyone's mouth. With the growing importance of online media and social media, companies must find the courage to take a step forward. But what does this mean in concrete terms for an exhibition company? What measures can be taken today to digitize a trade...


Distant Learning is the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic in progress, and the consequent lockdown to which the inhabitants of a large part of the Planet are subjected in recent months, has succeeded in revealing a powerful “weapon”, which had never been fully exploited until now: distant learning (or online...


Why Use eLearning to Train Exhibition Organization Employees on Customer Centricity

The best way to have future revenues is to have loyal customer… to do this, it is fundamental to focus on their experience. The next exhibition will be great! It will increase revenues and margin and yield great results…IF everyone knows how to focus on customer needs! Any company is...