F A Q 

What do I receive buying this course?

When you buy acourse, you will receive an exclusive access to the Learning Platform of GRS Academy, that is totally focused on Exhibition Management Courses.

The course is composed by different Lessons for an overall of max 2 hours of contents, video, papers, slides and tests. 

How long are videos?

On average the videos are not longer than 5-10 minutes, for a total of 120 minutes.

Why to buy a course?

Nothing is more important than be updatet in our days, and these courses will guide you in all most insightful and important topics to know in the Exhibition Industry. 

How many time can I see the video?

As much as you prefer, you will have unlimited access to all the lessons, all the materials and tests!

The contents are available 24/7 in your user area.

Which software do I need to install?

You do not need to install any software, all the materials are made in a format that suites for PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone and so on. 

What you need to do this course:

A keen readiness to learn and put it into practice

Access to a computer, tablet or iPad

Headphones or speakers to listen to videos