How to go hybrid from the concept to the pricing strategy

Hybrid events

In this moment of big uncertainty and fast change it is fundamental to have the right knowledge and the deep understanding of the meaning of Hybrid Event, in this course it is propose a specific and clear vocabulary and explanation of everything related to the “new format” of the future of the Exhibition Industry

Hybrid Event is the new way of building the future of the Exhibition Industry. It is fundamental to know and understanding the clearly the meaning, the reasoning behind the strategy, and especially ho to design a digital service to drive future revenues.

Why it is fundamental to focus on Hybrid Event Knowledge?

The role of any Exhibition organizer is changing, but the reason why an exhibition exist is always the same… to solve and provide solutions to the users (exhibitors, visitors, buyer etc) needs and problems.

This course is 100% oriented to the Exhibition and Event Organizes, with a specific focus on the Hubryd Events and how to drive revenues and support to the actual business model of our industry.

Make your organization ready for the future of Exhibition, and put at the centre of the company strategy the Continuous Learning Process for all the employees on the Hybridization of the Exhibitions. 

Inspiration from real experiences

This course shares REAL LIFE EXHIBITION STRATEGIES that will inspire you to build a strong focus on where it really matters!

Designed by a very experienced Exhibition Expert, who knows firsthand how to successfully manage hybrid Events and the future of Event Industry.

Enroll in this course and learn why it is crucial for your Event Organizer to work and focus on Hybrid Events.

 What is the meaning of "going hybrid"?

This course is an full journey on Hybrid Events for the Exhibition Industry. It is built to understanding the meaning of going “hybrid” and to implement the rights strategic tools and behaviour of the team to manage the exhibition experience. It is not a simplistic approach, it is a powerful course that defines the concepts that are necessary to build a strong foundation in order to transform the actual experience in the most important advance physical + digital concepts of our exhibition.


During this course, you will enforce the foundational knowledge to know when and where to focus and which steps to take to get closer to activating a remarkable experience for your clients.

What do I find in this course?

Nothing is more important than the knowledge on Hybrid Event in this period. This course will guide you in all the element and methodology to put the Digital and Physical approach at the centre of your strategy.

Each Lesson has been carefully selected so that you can explore relevant and meaningful strategies to create a clear approach to the future of Exhibitions.

The course is composed by 4 Lessons for an overall of +1 hours of contents, video, papers, slides and tests. On average the videos are not longer than 15minutes, for a total of +60 minutes.

Who can be interested in this course?

Anyone looking to improve the Exhibition Experience at the next level.

Anyone with an interest in driving a strong focus on Hybrid Event in the future.

Anyone looking to develop their exhibition organisation into an environment that customers want to interact with and develop loyalty to with digital and physical approach.

After attending this course, you will feel more confident and more courageous to take part in conversations about Hybrid, Virtual and Physical Event in the Exhibition Industry.

What are you waiting for?

Meet the Teacher

Matthias Tesi Baur (founder and CEO of MBB-Media) is Senior exhibition professional with more than 18 years of experience.

Before founding MBB-Media, he helped build the businesses of leading exhibition organisers Messe Frankfurt, Reed Exhibitions and UBM holding the roles of Global e-business Director, Portfolio Director and Business Development Director.

He is also Chairman of the UFI Digital Innovation Committee.